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Ultimate Fitness Training (UFT) is a family owned business. We have a passion for fitness and training and helping clients reach their full potentials.
Our aim is to help more people enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.
We are committed to helping and motivate our clients to reach their goals.

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Ultimate Fitness Training are committed on helping our clients be the healthier version of themselves.


Whether you are wanting to lose weight, tone up or train for a fitness event, we can help you get to where you want to be. Our Trainer will motivate you and can also provide nutrition advice to maximise your training session.


What’s Involve:


Step 1 You will be added to our app to keep track of your progress.


Step 2 The trainer will give you a (fitness Screening) plus a (fitness test) to find your strength and weaknesses so we can make a stronger you. This will help the trainer make you reach your goals much faster.


Step 3 – Well done you are now ready to start training, let’s make a stronger you.



Price $60 Fitness Screening/Fitness test


Cost: 1hr $105 + set up (price depends on equipment required)
30minutes $75+ set up (price depends on equipment required)

Time / DayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday

Ultimate Bootcamp is a comfortable, motivating friendly training group, offering flexible morning and afternoon training session daily to fit in with your busy lifestyle.


We have our bootcamps in two locations, Jamison Park Penrith and Potter Field Colyton.


Whether you’re a beginner or advance with your fitness we have the class to suit all fitness levels. Our trainer always makes sure that all clients maximise their training session. We make our bootcamp enjoyable and are never the same.


146 Shepherd St, Colyton NSW 2760

Jamison Park South Penrith 2750


Casual Bootcamp $15

10 Bootcamp sessions $140 Valid for 2 months


Minimum 5 people for class to go ahead

Payments are made in advance

Booking required

If you are looking for a different style of getting fit, our bootcamp is what you are looking for.


Whether you want to train one on one or train with a group, our trainer will organise and create a bootcamp training to suit your fitness level.


Our bootcamp is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety types of exercise which will make you stronger and also a fun workout.


You will Lose weight, tone up, Build Strength, improve cardiovascular system, improve respiratory system, improve Muscle endurance, improve mobility, sleep better, and much more.



We have 3 levels of bootcamps to choose from.

  • Level 1 Beginner (Emoji of one bicep)
  • Level 2 Intermediate (emoji of two bicep)
  • Level 3 Hard   (Emoji of three bicep)


Cost: $120 1 hour + travel $35 + setup $40 total: $195


Bootcamp can have 1 to 6 people; more than 6 people plus $10 per person up to 15.


Cost: $ 90 45 Minutes + travel $35 + setup $40 total:  $165


Bootcamp can have 1 to 6 people; more than 6 people plus $10 per person up to 15.


Free onsite inspection once booked

We have a range of programs available from fat lose to muscle gain. If you would like a personalised Scheduled program made just for you email me Your name & number and I will contact you very soon to get you started.


Scheduled Personalised Program Prices

$80 1 month

$160 2 months

$240 3 months


Scheduled Coaching personalised program prices.

$120 1 month

$240 2 months

$360 3 months

Ultimate Fitness Training a family owned mobile business.


We have a passion for fitness training and helping our clients reach their full potential.


Our aim is to help more people enjoy the benefit of an active and healthy lifestyle and we are committed to helping and motivate our clients to reach their goals and be a healthier version of themselves.


Our mobile service allows our client to train at their own space and a more convenient location.


WE COME TO YOU. Whether it’s in the comfort of your backyard or at your local park.  We make it easier for you to train.


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